10 Top Tips on how to prepare for a new job

Accepting a new job is one of the most exciting things. New opportunities, bigger pay, more responsibility and it’ll look good for the CV.

If you’re excited that’s fab, you want to show up being excited and full of energy. If you’re more like me, you’re going to be starting to feel nervous too. But that’s just understandable, you’re going to be meeting new faces trying to remember names. You are going to be learning new things as well as trying to understand your new workplaces culture.

Below are my 10 top tips on how to prepare for your new adventure.

1. Plan your outfits

If you’re moving to a similar working environment then you don’t really need to worry too much about this one, but with that said a killer new outfit can make you feel extra confident to tackle those first day nerves!

If you are moving to a new working environment then you may need to think about what to wear. Did you pick up what your interviewers were wearing? See if you can remember and try and follow that lead.

Alternatively you could look at the company online and see if they have an “About Us” page, sometimes these have photo’s of staff so you can see what they are wearing.
Also, you could contact your new manager to ask about what to wear.

Ultimately it’s always better to appear too smart than too casual (at least it looks like you care). And during your first week, it’s important to keep up that effort, even if others around you don’t

2. Rest up

If you’re starting a new job on a Monday it’s probably best you don’t have a weekend of wild parties and late nights.

You don’t wanting to be spending your first day knackered or suffering from a nightmare hangover.

Instead, spend they day before relaxing and make sure you get a good nights sleep!

3. Know your route

Make sure you know where you are going. Try and scope out the area before you start so you know where you can park.

If you go by public transport make sure you look up the timetables, try and do a test run before you start. So you can work out if you need to leave earlier, especially in rush hour.

On your first day you want to be about 15 minutes early so make sure you plan plan plan that route!

4. Read up on your new role

Re-Read your job description, see what will be expected of you.

Read up on the company you are going to work for, you may of already done this as part of the interview process but it will help refresh your mind.

Try and do some research around laws and legislations you may be using in your new role.

5. Contact your new manager

I’d never done this before until I started my most recent role and I found it really helped me. I’d always just been given a start date and spent the next few weeks worrying about how I would settle in.

I contacted my new boss and asked if they had anything I could read before I started or anything I could research specific to my role. I was sent through some reading about the role and what the team does. I found this incredibly helpful as I felt as if I knew more of what I was going into.

Your new manager will also be super impressed at your willingness to learn about your new role!!

6. Prepare your lunches

The last thing you want to be doing when you start a new job is not taking a lunch and having no where to buy any food. – Spending your first day hungry is not ideal!

I would suggest on the day before you start your new job you prepare your lunch for the week. Bulk make some salad or a nice pasta that you can grab before you leave.

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions not to take lunch in case your new colleagues suggest you go out for lunch.

I would always say to prepare your lunch and if someone asks you to go out for a lunch break, you can always leave that lunch for tomorrow!

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Get ready to start asking lots of questions.

I think that when you start a new job its expected that you will be asking lots of new questions. A good team will always be happy to answer questions, they want you to succeed as much as you do.

No one likes to be the new person asking lots of questions but I personally think that is the best way to learn.

Become a sponge, absorb everything everyone says and always ask questions to dig deeper.

Someone once said to me “The only silly question is the question that is never asked”

8. Stationary

Not only does new stationary make me feel super put together it also makes you look as if you’re ready to learn.

I’d say unless you’ve been told otherwise, just go in with a pad, pens & a folder. You don’t want to be spending out for a new stapler when they have plenty in your new office.

I suggest get your stationary to match your personality, your new colleagues don’t know you very well. So going in with something that shows a glimpse of your personality will help people get to know some of YOU.

With your new stationary, take as many notes as possible. You wont ever take in everything everyone says to you on your first week, but if you make a note you can always go back and read it.

9. Try and forget about your old team & how they did things

I really struggled with moving on when I started my new job recently. I was lucky enough to enjoy my previous job, but I knew it was time to move on.

So when I started my new job I found settling in a struggle, I was very used to doing things a certain way and quickly found my new role was quite different.

If I could go back and speak to myself before I started the new job. My top piece of advice would be to forget about what i’d done before and concentrate on learning everything as if i’d never done anything before.

10. Enjoy

The most important thing of all is to enjoy this process. You have done an amazing thing and secured a fab new job.

Take every day as it comes, you’re not going to know everything straight away.

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